Feb 26

First KeerBot run using Marginally Clever’s (Dan) code !!!

I am glad to announce that starting today, KeerBot can actually Draw !!!

It turns out to be that Chris Anderson was right in his book – He adviced to share your project and ask the crowd to support you and he was right !

Tom directed me to Dan in the very first day after I published my site, and here I am, a week after with a Drawing Robot !!!


The KeerBot can now draw G code files, Can’t wait to see what will be next days.

Good night. (00:57)

(BTW – I will host the firmware changes in Dan’s Github once properly documented)

Feb 19

Code diggin’

So –

After TOM gave me the starting code on how to implement Drawbot on  my creation, (thanks for the phone support ! Like !) I started digging into the code – generally understanding there are 3 parts:

  • Java – Runs on the PC and load G-code drawings  into the system
  • G-Code – The actual code that says the Drawbot where to move to
  • Firmware – The code that runs in the Arduino, and operates the motors

I found that the parts that needed to be changed are the Arduino (since I am not using Adafruit’s Stepper shield, but Pololu’s driver) which is a bit different.

beside that I need to insert the physical dimensions of my system and then to compile and run the code. Sounds easy hope it will be that way.


So I found the CORE:

The original code is calling an Adafruit’s motor shield (arduino.ino):
static AF_Stepper m1((int)STEPS_PER_TURN, M2_PIN);
        static AF_Stepper m2((int)STEPS_PER_TURN, M1_PIN);

and then gives orders to one of the motors:

I need to replace the motor commands by simple orders to the motors (digital out 1 or 0 for direction and 1 for step) that will use the same parameters as the Adafruit’s functions.
that will make the code shorter, thinner and without hassle

Feb 17

DrawBot Ver 2.0

A very talented guy named Tom Sofer, replied to my post at facebook’s Keerbot group showing his last creation.

Tom says:”As a publicity project for the new makerspace “XLN Haifa” I started working on my own implementation for the Drawbot polar-graph robot.
I designed my own carriage to fit “expo” style whiteboard markers, which are relatively heavy and tend to point upwards, so it needs a big counterweight which will not erase the markings.
Next step is to design a new carriage with servo mount and implement pen up/down.”

seems very impressive, what do you think ?

Feb 11

OK – I have a site

Its already quite late, I guess this is what it takes to build a site while working full time (see About page), glad to do this – wonder where this will lead the project – trying to build a community site instead of a product site (following the reading of Chris Anderson’s book “Makers“)

G.nite and see you soon.