Dec 07

Robotic arm that records and plays movement

This is my latest project “Robotic arm that records and plays movement”, I took an IKEA Terial lamp and hacked it into a fully functional, motion recording, robotic arm. IKEA Tertial robotic arm KeerBot

This project answers to a need I had: a Third hand that holds a camera while I perform a test and takes photos/videos (useful when you’re stuck at the lab late at night, and suddenly need a photographer).
The downside to a robotic arm was obvious – It needs to be programmed, and it is the last thing you want to do when you need to make a video. So I made it motion capturing device as well…

You can see the full step by step guide at Instructables, enjoy and share.

Dec 03

ArduinoDroid – Developing for Arduino with Android

Finally – An application that enables youArduinoDroid logo to develop and edit Arduino applications directly from your Android! requires only a cable and that’s it!



ArduinoDroid is a new application, free in the play store here, tat enables you to write and edit Arduino sketches from your Android device, anytime, everywhere. it supports wide range of Boards, and performs the compilation of the sketches on the android device, eliminating the need for a laptop/workstation during the debugging phase of the project.

Samsung Galaxy S2 and Arduino

If you are an Arduino developer – you must know that you need to have a computer with a cable to work on the sketches, while most of the time it is comfortable (since you have keyboard for coding, big screen for debugging, and a table to lay all the stuff that is connected to the Arduino).

When you finish the core development and head to the field test you need to twink the parameters, to change something etc’, the laptop (even if you have MacBook air ;) is quite a hassle… Here comes this app for your assistance: you can simply connect a common USB cable (USB B plut to OTG – like this), and start editing the code where ever you are, while editing the code on the smartphone might seem not practical, using a tablet may be a very good solution when working on a project that involves everything beyond your table. (I guess that the majority of the Arduino projects)

USB B Plug to otg cable ArduinoDroid

USB B Plug to otg cable ArduinoDroid

I wanted to support the app, maybe I will, but supporting through “in app purchase” seems problematic to me – what about paypal ? google play ?




Nov 19

3D scanning at home – Autodesk Recap

Today, i had the pleasure to go to Autodesk’s event, in the event I spoke to their R&D crew and heard of some new cool stuff they have – High quality 3D Scanning (Recap here) and ShapeShifter (here) that can generate really cool artistic 3D models and give you the file for printing.

Autodesk_Recapp_LogoAutodesk Recap – This service is the professional version of the 123D catch, while it is still free (heard the not for long), uploading pictures will generate 3D model quite fast and will let you download it for your use (OBJ/RCM file formats)

Autodesk ShapeShifter – Is an in browser model generator for 3D printing that enables fast generation of really cool models, that can be easily used later (Blender, Meshlab) Autodesk_Shaeshifter




Oct 12

Robotic Painter – Long Distance Art

Artistic Robots – (as funny as it sounds) are becoming more and more popular, in this project “Long Distance Art” by the Strukt team, robots repeats after human painter, in real time, and create perfect replicas.

Robots that paint are becoming more popular and it seems that it is no longer a challenge for robot experts to perform almost any drawing in various types of techniques. (as can be seen here and here and here).

In this project an artist sat in a show in Vienna, and made a drawing, while two other robots, in real time, copied his painting in shows in two very far away locations (London and Berlin). The concept is not new and was proven to be possible for surgery (see here and here),  but it is still very interesting to watch.

Long Distance Art - One Artist, Two Robots, Three paintings

Long Distance Art – One Artist, Two Robots, Three paintings

A link to the project’s page at Strukt site : Long Distance Art


I didn’t update the blog for long time, if you are interested you can have a look at my last project Remote control Toyota (that even got me a prize!!)

My Car Remotely controlled

and I had fun at GeekCon 2013 (here)


Aug 10

e-David real artistic painting robot

You must admire the following project: e-David painting robot, the closest thing to robot art so far, paints with water colors and fixes itself by computer vision based algorithms.

e-David Robot Painting from eDavid on Vimeo

Working on KeerBot exposes me to many interesting things people do with robots and on the boarder between robots technology and art. The e-David project (via ieee robotics) is one of the most amazing projects I saw so far, a robot that paints, with water colors (simpler version can be seen here). and analyses the resulting image in real time for autonomous artistic optimization (bit philosophical….)


Really impressive project that results nice images (will it be worthy one day, since it can be copied ?!)

Aug 05

KeerBotDraw – simple mouse sketches to g-code gcode for KeerBot

While working on the KeerBot, I needed a simple application that will generate G-code from simple drawings, (for all kinds of debugging), so I asked my friend Mr. Roth for help, and he did the KeerBotDraw 

KeerBotDraw1Generally, I was using Dan’s software suit (Makelangelo), but the need to go through Inkscape and Cambam and then edit manually the G-Code was too long.

The software is straight forward – open it, setup the canvas size (0,0) is in the middle of the canvas, draw and then save the drawing. set the pen up pen down values (for the servo) you’ll get a text file of G-code commands and that’s it.  you can download it from here and for more details go to Israel’s blog

I think this can be very useful for debugging and for simple sketches – and thanks again !



Jul 27

DIY omni directional wheels by KeerBot

Beware,Tech stuff! KeerBot needs to move on the walls to all directions, so I developed a DIY Omni  directional wheel.

Omni directional wheel is a wheel that enables the moving to all sides, it is actually a ball that slides on the housing (as can be seen here in sparkfun). the other thing that can be seen in that link is the price…after I bought some wheels, that got stuck by the spray paint test here, I though of two issues:

  • To make it cheaper
  • To make it simpler (again, KISS principle), and use parts that are available and already in use. * It helped me that my wheel are not carrying any weight, but only support the chassis from being dragged on the painted wall.

DIY Omni directional wheels by KeerBot


As you can see it is some laser cut plywood (will work better with Perspex), some bolts and ping-pong balls (light, cheap and available).


DIY Omni directional wheels by KeerBot

I think that the solution with some minor changes (metal balls/PA balls/ Perspex chassis …)  can fit any need for omni-wheel, Enjoy!



Jul 20

Spray Paint mechanism for KeerBot

Using spray paint is the next step forward a full outdoors graffiti drawing bot, and I am working on making it versatile and simple for some time now, the mechanism shown is a development of a previous concept, that can probably work on any paint (no matter size or how hard do you need to press)

Spray Painter KeerBotThe idea of the spray paint mechanism is to use only of the shelf parts, laser cut parts and zip ties. the plywood used for the alpha model is much more flexible then needed, next model will use hopefully better material, (any offers ?) (BTW – many thanks to Ohadme for his support)

You can see it works in the video:

Next week the spray guns I mentioned here are arriving, I intend to test and decide which is the best solution. (maybe Dan’s solution ??)