Dec 26

KeerBot is Going to Bezalel Academy

Long time not seen – But Keerbot is back and is visiting the #1 art school! been busy in real life tasks and left this blog quiet for a while, and I am writing this post since KeerBot is Going to Bezalel Academy !!!


Some happy (unfortunately not technical) things happened – I got phonecall from an advertisment agency few months ago and they wanted to make a cooperation with me – but it didn’t eventually happen, and now for the really fun story – a friend of mine study at Bezalel in Jerusalem, and told me that my Keerbot project was mentioned by the lecturer. I felt proud, and immediately contacted the lecturer Dr Sarit Youdelevich to say thanks, and she invited me to give a lecture about KeerBot 

KeerBot Bezalel Lecture flyer

KeerBot Bezalel Lecture flyer


The lecture is planned to be on Dec 31, 2015. I’ll share the presentation and how it went in the next post. hope this will give me some encourgement to get back working on this project …

In the meanwhile you can have a look at my newest project (published last week) DIY Nail Puller, in my Instructables website.

DIY Nail Puller

DIY Nail Puller

Sep 01

RC Submarine Hack – Android controller (Arduino, Android, Submarine, Bluetooth)

For the new Instructables contest, New project: RC Submarine Hack – involves Arduino, Android, Submarine and, Bluetooth, For exact details and how-to see the here, downloads are below:

  • Arduino Sketch .ino – here (right click and download – might need to change file extension to .ino)
  • AppInventor .aia – here (right click and download – might need to change file extension to .aia)


 The (yet) UNHACKED RC submarine


Aug 05

Maker Must have – AfterShip – free package tracking service

As a maker, I order many items from all over the world (eBay, Aliexpress, DealExtreame, Seeed Studio, Amazon ,BangGood…). The probem is after I order them, I wait patiently for the packages. Until now I had to enter to each supplier and track the delivery via their site. NO MORE! – AfterShip – free package tracking service, does it for me.

AfterShip Logo

The procedure is simple – you open an account here, and then you can insert all of your tracking to one place and track them. The service supports over 200 carriers, all over the world, its free, and lately they published also mobile applications (AfterShip Android App, AfterShip iPhone app).

AfterShip Menu imageAfterShip can track your delivery, Send you notifications (email/sms), you can personalize the service or even integrate it into your site! I found it very useful and I think you might too. Enjoy.

Open AfterShip accout

Jul 17

5 Making blogs that you must visit

In this post I will tell you about 5 making blogs that you must visit, I read them whenever they publish something new using my favorite RSS reader Feedly . The blogs vary from makers who describe their projects to blogs that surf the net and find good articles to share. If you know of other blogs that I may like, feel free to share!

LogiMover: A Clever Approach to Pallet Moving using Distributed Robots

LogiMover: A Clever Approach to Pallet Moving using Distributed Robots

DIY 3D Printing – If you’re into 3D printing at home, you must read this blog, reviews 3D printers, 3D printing hacks, software, and news from many sources. This is a true making blogs, Recommended!

Robot Arms

Robot Arms

Marginally Clever – A maker I look up to (and mentioned few times in my blog), innovative and social (Vancouver hackerspace founder) always developing somthing new and also tries with growing success to make a living out of it (Go Dan!)




IEEE Robotics blog – IEEE is a professional organization of electrical engineers, this is their official robotics blog, many items are presented first here – give lots of project ideas, and links to making blogs, and also has a great weekly robotics review on Fridays.

SupraPed Robots

SupraPed Robots Will Use Trekking Poles to Hike Across Rough Terrain








 Dr. Monk’s DIY Electronics Blog – A pro blogger that also publish books, writes mainly about micro controllers in general: Arduino, Raspberry – pi, IOIO, Python, Beaglebone, professional and might get too technical but has very deductive approach + twitter account.

Raspberry Pi B+

Raspberry Pi B+








 Hizook {Robotics news for academics and professionals} – Besides it’s bizarre name, one of the good ones, review robotic companies, ideas, Robotics VCs, and always from a fresh approach. if you had enough of the same 2 axis 3d printers and look for something really innovative – this is the destination.

Dragonfly by TechJect

Dragonfly by TechJect


Jun 10

KeerBot is getting ready for the Show – WOW !

As you probably remember from my previous posts (here and here) Keerbot is going to be presented in an art exhibition about open source. and here is the press release (Hebrew), I am quite happy that they offered us to show the project – I say us because most of the job is being done by Danny now – Android Application (Download link here).

KeerBot and cabin

The good news – Its alive ! It can move – up and down, left to right, which will be quite cool in the gallery, regarding art – there won’t be much – maybe some basic paintings, so you’ll have to stay tunes to the next versions of the app.

In the meanwhile you can have a look at the short video showing that it really work.

Jun 08

3 Quick steps to hall of fame (or shame)

Gallery HIT

HIT crew getting ready

Following my last post, there are some nice people who wants to put KeerBot in their gallery exhibition next week (HIT Holon, Israel), and I am very thankful and proud for that. BUT they want to make everything ready on time, the thing is that I don’t have anything (yet) ready and working, and since it’s not in my hands I can’t really give them a clear answer. This is part of the way open projects work, If someone feels like helping you so you might make it – but you can’t demand or pressurize since there’s no commitment, therefore I really don’t know if I can make it to the gallery with a working model (if so, WOW !!!)




My intention is the have the KeerBot App ready, which mean that you’ll have the Keerbot hanged on the wall at the gallery, and whoever downloads the app will be able to connect to it and draw some lines on the wall. surely amazing* !!                                               ( *might not happen… )  so stay tuned for updates.

Yes – there is a good platform, the mechanical and electronic assembly is good, all the parts are light and elegant packed on a laser cut piece of PVC:KeerBot IOIO OTG







it looks better then the last model’s:

KeerBot Initial model, 2 scrap stepper motors.

Constant pen pressure mechanism








I really hope to get the model working – but I intend to prepare a dummy model Just to be hanged at the exhibition.




Some other updates:

  • DannyR – A great guy is working very hard on the KeerBot IOIO App, In the meanwhile you can find his code at the KeerBot GitHub (which can be also accessed via tech/bits in the top site menu)
  • AlexK send me a really nice video of art and robotics (That I am always happy to share):

Industrial Light Painting from Jeff Crossman on Vimeo.




May 12

KeerBot is ART ?! come and visit in the HIT museum

KeerBot is on its way to be art – it is going to be presented in the research art gallery of the HIT (Holon Institute for Technology) in their Museum.

Few days ago I was contacted via my KeerBot Facebook page that some Masters degree art student that they found the project surfing the net, and want to present it in their “museum” (research gallery). It will require from us to finalize the android application and make this robot work. Stay tuned so you can be the among the first people to have the app and be able to visit and operate the keerbot live in Holon (HIT)


“Wild Poppies, Near Argenteuil” / Claude Monet

Art ??











about M.Design at HIT and their Facebook page



Feb 25

IOIO OTG micro controller activates KeerBot drawing robot

KeerBot has a new IOIO OTG brain ! replacing the Arduino with the new IOIO OTG  micro controller is slowly approaching, and the first step is right described right here in this post. KeerBot IOIO OTG

The future is here! The next generation of KeerBot projects is slowly coming… In the next generation the good old Arduino will be replaced by the more exotic IOIO OTG (If it’s the first time you hear of it – spend few moments reading about it here), and since the IOIO OTG speaks fluently with the smartphone (Android) through Bluetooth (BT) I say “Bye Bye” to the tons of wires that had to be carried by the KeerBot everywhere it went (4 wires for stepper X2, 3 wires for servo, 2 meters each…) Now all I need to make it work is 12V wire, and a smartphone. Cool ! ain’t it ?!

Instead of diving into the image trying to get thIOIO OTG_02e hardware I used,Inventory:

  • IOIO OTG by SeeedStudio
  • BT Dongle by DealExtreame
  • 2 stepper driver a4988 by Pulolo
  • 2 Steppers
  • 12V Power supply
  • Chassis,bolts, nuts,wires – improvise (will publish when final)

Few important notes: in the last few weeks I am getting help from a brilliant and super cool guy named D#@$ , he is a software engineer and that means that the Android Keerbot Application (yeah – #$@ application) will be available soon, so stay tuned.

I also want to thank Ytai for his great job creating the IOIO –Ytai’s blog